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Buckaroo Spurs

Spur Making by Hand

Article by Bruce Cheaney

Buckaroo Spurs with three inch rowels and two and a half inch length spur shanks and feature a nine inch length heel band that measures an inch and a quarter in width.  The spur making process goes kind of like this, The rowels are roughed out and the spur shanks are torched out with a cutting torch and a piece of strap metal is used for the heelbands and two pieces are cut to nine inch lengths.

The spur shanks are then profiled and ground to shape using a belt grinder with a 2″ X 73 Norzon BlueFire Zirconia belt in 36 grit. Now the heel bands are hot shaped around a heel band jig that is close to the size of a boot heel.  Spurs are intended to fit loosely on a boot so that they can drop down and stay in place on the boot heel.

After the spur shanks are profiled and the heel bands are shaped and prepped it is time to weld the shanks onto the heel bands.  A good choice of welder is a Miller Syncrowave 250DX because of the strength of the weld and the ability to weld a smooth bead.

After the shanks are welded the welds are blended on a Baldor buffer and a ten inch wheel that smooths the welds. Next step is to use Klingspor J-Flex sanding belt to further blend the welds so that the spurs will be prepped and ready to silver mount.

All of the silver for these Buckaroo Spurs is hand drawn and then hand cut using a jewelers frame and 3/0 Scies brand piercing saw blades.  It can take up to a half a day or so just to hand cut all the silver to be hard soldered onto the custom spurs.

Once the silver is hand cut and ready to be mounted onto the spurs each piece of silver has to be hand fitted and shaped to the heel bands and spur shanks.  The solder is actually a Brazing Alloy made by The Harris Products Group and is 45% Silver called SafteySilv.  This solder must be accompanied with Harris StaySilv for the solder to flow properly.

After the silver pieces are hard soldered onto the spurs, the spurs are then cleaned up and polished using 3M Trizact sanding belts and a sewn cotton buff and jewelers rouge on a Baldor Buffer.

Custom Made Spurs

Here is a video of the making of these custom handmade Buckaroo Spurs from start to finish. This is basically an overview of the work and effort it takes to make a pair of handmade spurs. I was under the gun to get these spurs made in a timely manner and worked pretty much several days and nights getting them made so I could ship them out to my customer.

The final steps of making these handmade spurs is to hand engrave them using GRS engraving tools made by the Glendo Corporation.

Fifteen point three inch handmade spur rowels with hand filed teeth and then hand engraved with wheat stalk type engraving.  The handmade rowels took about many hours to make.

Handmade by Bruce Cheaney, Gainesville Texas. Google+